I. Kaastra - Designing a Neural Network for Forecasting Financial & Economic Time Series
I. Karatzas - Aplications of Mathematics
Iain Clark - Foreign Exchange Option Pricing - A Practitioner's Guide
Ian Bateman - Suitable Resource Use & Economic Dynamics
Ian Mackenzie - Management & Marketing
Ian Mitroff - Why Some Companies Emerge Stronger & Better from Crisis
Ian Nabney - Algorithms for Pattern Recognition + NetLab v3.2
Ian Notley - Investment Timeliness
Ian Wallace - The Global Economic System
Ian Witten - Data Mining. Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques (2nd Ed.)
ICFAME - Application of Simple Technical Trading Rules to Swiss Stock Prices
Identify trade with Fibonacci
Identifying Noise Traders - The Head-and-Shoulders Pattern in U.S. Equities
IEEE - Finding Patterns in Three Dimensional Graphs Algorithms and Applications to Scientific Data Mining
IFG’s Options 101 Course for Commodity Trading
Igor Toshchakov - Beat the Odds in Forex Trading (igrokforex.com)
Igor Toshchakov - Beat The Odds In Forex
Igor Toshchakov - The Igrok´s Main Trading Course (igrokforex.com)
Ilia Dichev & Troy Janes - Lunar Cycle Effects on Stock Returns
Ilian Yotov - The Quarters Theory
Imad Moosa - International Financial Operations
Imad Moosa - Operational Risk Management
Impact Trading System (rendforexsystem.com)
Impact Trading System (rendforexsystem.com)_
Impulsive Profits - Elliott Wave Course
Indermit Gill - An East Asian Renaissance
Index Adjustment System (rapidfireswingtrading.com)
Index of technical Indicators (trendsonline.com)
Indian National Science Academy - Growing Populations, Changing Landscapes
Indo Forex Mentor 100% Profit
Inflation to Wealth
Instant Forex Profit System (instantforexprofit.com)
Institute of Auction Market Theory (IOAMT) (ioamt.com)
Institute of Finance - Technical Analysis - A Personal Seminar
Integrated Investor Toturial
Intelyze TA 2.03 (intelyze.com)
Intermediate FX
International Chamber of Commerce - Nations of the World 2004 (4th Ed.)
International Energy Agency - World Energy Outlook 2006
Interpreting Technical Indicators - Optima Investment Research
Interviews With Traders II (clickevents.co.uk)
Invest To Success (investtosuccess.com)
Investing in the Stock Market (cliffsnotes.com)
Investire con Internet Book (Italian)
Investment Research Company
Investopedia Academy
Investopedia Full Dictionary, Advanced and Basic Articles
Investor's Business Daily
Investors Live (InvestorsLive.com)
Investors Underground (investorsunderground.com)
investview (investview.com)
Ira Cobleigh - How to Get Rich Buying Stocks
Irene Aldridge - High Frequency Trading
Irish Ventura Capital Association - A Guide to Venture Capital (3rd Ed.)
IRM Press - E-Commerce & M-Commerce Technologies
Irvin Tucker - Macroeconomics for Today (2nd Edition)
Irvin Tucker - Microeconomics for Today (2nd Edition)
Irwin Porter - Japenese Candlesticks Charting, Analysis & Trading
Isaac Gottlieb - Next Generation Excel - Modeling in Excel for Analysts and MBAs
Isidore Kozminsky - Numbers and their practical Application
Issa Bass - Six Sigma Statistics with Excel & Minitab
Issy Bacher - Cycle-Trends. Wealth Investment Course (cycletrends.co.za)
Izze Nelken - Hedge Fund Investment Management

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